Jakomäen Sydän

Most of the existing public service buildings of Jakomäenaukio (Jakomäki square) are living on borrowed time, and the area’s role as the centre of Jakomäki district also requires modern solutions regarding cityscape.

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A fully community-centric heart of Jakomäki brings together public space, homes, schools and elderly care.

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Together, the residential buildings and the service building pave the way for more coherent and dense Jakomäki centre. The square between the residential buildings and their routes, the parking spaces underneath the yard deck and concentrating of commercial premises along the square bring compact and accessible environment to Jakomäki. The service building combines the school, kindergarten, youth centre and physical activities. The senior house, organically connected to the service building, with its elevated end opening to the square, is a landmark in the cityscape.

The design of the residential block is based on an affordable solution that offers many alternatives for different forms of housing, privacy to living environment and clarity of cityscape.

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Site Plan
First Floor Plan

Projektin yksityiskohdat

  • Sijainti: Helsinki, Finland
  • Vuosi: 2016
  • Kokonaispinta-ala: 31,700m2
  • Suunnitelma: City centre master plan
  • 01Credits

    Visualisation: Brick Visual (exteriors)